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Judge Sandra Alice Ray announces Re-Election Campaign for District Court Judge

Friends and Colleagues:

On March 3, 2020 I will be on the ballot in the Republican Primary running for my 5th term as one of your District Court Judges. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of New Hanover and Pender Counties for the past 15 years, and with your help I am encouraged that we can win the support of voters on Election Day.

As many of you know I have worked hard to build a reputation as a Judge who adheres to the principles of law and order. To that end, I believe that serving with transparency and consistency is necessary to promote confidence in our justice system. I also believe that justice needs to be tempered with fairness at all costs. It is for these reasons that experience - both in the courtroom and in life - is essential to meeting the high standards of judicial service. In short, experience matters.

For nearly 30 years, I have practiced law in the courtroom almost daily - as an Assistant District Attorney, as a private practitioner, and for the past 15 years, as a District Court Judge. I have been an active member of the Republican Party for over 20 years, working to support our Republican candidates. I have been active in my district’s county parties and the North Carolina Republican Party, stood at polling sites in the rain to work for candidates and served as President of the Lower Cape Fear Republican Women’s Club. I was a local business owner. I am a proud parent of three. And, I have served on the boards and committees of various civic organizations for over 30 years.

These experiences have informed my judgment in every case I have presided over in the last 15 years which include:

Felony Court
Abuse and Neglect Court
Juvenile Court
Criminal District Court
Civil Court
Child Support Court
Domestic Violence Court
First Appearances in Criminal Court
Mental Commitments
DWI car seizure hearings

I am also honored by the support and endorsement of trusted members of our law enforcement community:

“Judge Ray has always demonstrated a commitment to fair and equal enforcement of the law. Judge Ray shares common ideals held by many who support and defend our law enforcement personnel.”
-Daniel S. Jenkins Jr.
President, North Carolina Troopers Association

“Your support and commitment to law enforcement is greatly appreciated....We are honored to give you our endorsement and support”
-Chuck Gore
President, Lower Cape Fear Lodge #58
Fraternal Order of Police

Beyond a list of experiences and endorsements, a good judge needs to understand the people and the communities they serve. New Hanover and Pender Counties are diverse - in their businesses, their people and their needs. As a judge and a citizen, I understand these diversities. My family has lived in New Hanover and Pender Counties for four generations. I have lived in this community for my entire professional career. I have raised my children here. I have committed my life to serving the people of this community. If elected to another term, I will work tirelessly to continue to serve our community honorably, fairly and justly. This is my commitment to you.

But, I cannot do this without you. March 3rd is just around the corner. We need your support by volunteering to work at a polling location, knocking on doors to get the word out, putting out yard signs and telling your friends, family, and colleagues how important this election is. Go to our website at for more information about our campaign and how you can help.

Yours in service,

Sandra Ray

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